There are only two days in year you can do nothing. Yesterday and tomorrow.

What are you doing today?

This is motivating me to do anything in order to get my self realized. Or to tell you the truth, to realize what about me I want to realize. Because I don’t know that and I doubt most of you knows. If you do, I salute you with awesomeness, you are on half of the path.
The other half is hard, but you already know where you are going.

That is a lot. It’s your hidden treasure. 

But this gives me the most exciting feeling, so many options and so capable me.
Where to go, what to do? It’s exhilarating!

And I hope you can feel the same if you are on the same page as I am. It is wonderful here!:D

There is this “problem” I’ve been facing for quite a while now.

Living in Now.

It is so simple that I am really frustrated by it. To release yourself from all the expectations, past beliefs, past regrets and start accepting the Now.
Practicing it seems of no importance because it is already here, but to achieve the state of being in Now, practice is also needed.
And there are many ways of doing it.
Like slack-lining or meditation, or simply expressing yourself with no fear, and as well expressing fear with no fear, and on and on.

This is the Moment.

(though I feel there is a lack of message in this post, the emptiness is yours to fill with your personal experience)

they will love and unlove
they are people
they are dead

don’t be afraid of the zombie

be afraid of the apocalypse
of the living

opening the void on the bottom
starless night without moonlight
the soulscape in depths

the land glows in an odd gray
it’s dusty and fairly welcoming
feels like home

cold and empty home
i reply with coloring the dought
mesmerizing your finite mind

did you get lost in the dust
or in the sky?

ImageThere is this theory I like to play with in my mind.
It goes like this; Life is just a dream of someone else in some different world who is capable of dreaming a lifetime in a nights dream. When the control of dreams gets boring and overdone he (and let that he be the real you (he as well being she;) in the real life, presuming this is a dream) lets the dreams unveil itself on its own. In dreams he now chooses to forget he dreams and chooses to experience the dream as real.

Question of a day:
What is real?

Experience is always real.

Human kind has finally reached a level in which we can go past our disbelief and superstition and explore that which we have marked as false and imaginary long time ago.

Also we have the capacity and knowledge to explore ourselves deeper and more profoundly in this time than at any time before.

Food for thought:
Can we go from; “I am separate.” to “I am consciousness.”, like we have gone from “Earth is flat” to “Earth is round”?
What will it take for that to happen?
(I know that is two, but I think that’s even better, because the first is a bit rhetorical 😛 )